Several fascinating sessions are already 'on the list' for the new year. The second half of last year certainly also included some wonderful photo flights! 

Flying alongside the BBMF Lancaster had been on the wish list for many years already. Capturing Dakota PH-PBA over my home town Amsterdam was another wish becoming reality. Thanks to the assistance of the organizers some spectacular sessions could be flown before and after the Texel Airshow in August. Very special for me was the opportunity to meet up in the air again with the Royal Jordanian Falcons team. The friendship with them meanwhile dates back 30 years!

The recent encounters gallery has been updated with several of the sessions flown in 2018 . More still to follow.



Updates to the website unfortunately are long overdue. A biking accident resulting in a broken right shoulder was a wrong combination with polio remnants of the 1956 epidemic on the left side  and put all work to a virtual  standstill for several months. A 2.5 kg Nikon proved to be very heavy.....

But meanwhile I could re-start photo flights and capture some very interesting aircraft. Many more should follow this summer.


It has been a busy summer with some unique opportunities. The Recent Encounters gallery has been updated showing the results of several of these sessions.

Please also log into the Facebook page regularly for new updates.

Many work is still needed to further enhance the website. This will be done step by step in coming months


A website update is well overdue and today's additions are catching up with several recent events and publications

To facilitate  recent photography to be shared quickly I have set up a new 'Recent Encounters' gallery. Material will stay there for a while before it is then dispersed to the appropriate subject gallery

So please check 'Recent Encounters' for some latest captures:  Fokker 70 KLM, Hoogeveen Residents, St.Dizier visitors, the Norwegian Norseman and a nice Cessna 182.

Thank you!


Results of an exiting session with the Dutch Thunder Yaks and Sukhoi 29 PH-KAH are now included in the Civil/Russians air-to-air gallery.


A brief air-to-air session could be flown earlier in the week with Fouga cm170 Magister n123dm based in antwerp and part of the collection of the stampe&vertongen museum. It wears the livery of the famous red devils demo team of the belgian air force. A TBM850 served as the camera plane. Results in the Historic Jets gallery.


Pictures added to the Civil Helicopters gallery from two sessions flow over Gran Canaria earlier this month.


Fine-tuning still in progress. New additions to Publications.




After hard work by Laurens Ouwerkerk and myself the new website of Aviation Photos International was released today.

A lot of work still needs to be done.
Photo comments will be added gradually as will be new material.
Galleries may be switched and/or re-named in the process to maintain a good overview of the material that is there.
Major changes and/or additions will be announced on this page as and when they take place.

Therefore.....Please watch this space for more!

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