To place the huge variety of aircraft types photographed over the years into appropriate and consistent categories proves not always easy.

The main division chosen for is between military and civil, ‘modern’ and historic. ‘Modern’ starting in 1970 already!

The date of construction of a specific aircraft featured defines the gallery chosen. Various examples of a same type built over many years, thus may appear in several sections.

Replicas are positioned in the year of the original aircraft design.

Some special projects, events and visits have been allocated a separate gallery. Under Military, for example, Jordan and Portugal became separate mixes of all types portrayed over many years.

Aircraft operated by government agencies, such as police forces or semi-military units have been given a military header.

Historic airliners have been placed in the 1A-03 Gallery.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight, with whom I have been associated for over 40 years, has its own gallery.

Besides the YAK and Sukhoi aircraft that are/were part of the Thunder Yaks demo team, other aircraft by the same manufacturers, such as YAK 50, are added to gallery “3D) (Thunder) Yaks”.

Duplicate entries of the same picture are avoided, unless totally impossible. The one picture available of Gypsy Moth VH-AFN  for example, simply had to be in both “Schaffen-Diest” and “Vroege Vogels/Early Birds”. But its place in the “Twenties” gallery was taken by another contemporary (and famous) Gypsy Moth.

Latest Update : 2024-06-04